Lotus seed chicken porridge with canadian ginseng

Lotus seed chicken porridge with canadian ginseng

This dish is suitable for the elderly, children and those who have just woken up.

Ingredients: ginseng powder, lotus seeds, chicken, rice, spices…

With ginseng powder will definitely add nutritional value to the dish.

How to make lotus seed chicken thigh porridge with ginseng

Rice: we will wash it and let it dry

Chicken thighs: Wash with salt water and boil in boiling water to remove impurities and fishy smell of chicken thighs

Lotus seeds: washed

Purple onion: thinly grated

Ginger: thinly sliced

Ginseng CND

First we put the pot on the dock, put the cooking oil in. Fry the purple onion and ginger until fragrant, then add the chicken thighs, stir-fry until firm, add the rice and stir-fry and add a little seasoning. Add a little broth from the chicken bones and bring to a boil over high heat. After the porridge has softened, we put the lotus seeds in and put the cnd ginseng seeds on the island so that the lotus seeds and ginseng powder are dissolved into the porridge. We will season to taste.Add grated ginger and scoop out into a bowl